Melissa Designer Jewelry

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Dear Melissa,
Thank you again for the beautiful work you did on my ring, it truly is the perfect ring for me! You surpassed our expectations and we thank you for that. Hope to see you again in the near future!
— Leah, Pittsboro NC

Just thought I’d tell you that I’m still amazed that I own this Bracelet. It’s so perfect for me, you are amazing. I don’t know if I’ll ever wear any of my other bracelets again, don’t think I can top this one!
— Nancy, Hillsborough NC

Dear Melissa,
I wanted to take the opportunity to express how beautiful your jewelry is and how much I love my husband for having great taste! Last year it was the black onyx suite and this year, the fabulous tanzanite and diamond pendant. It is a fabulous piece and I’m proud to wear it as a true work of art.
— Lisa, Franklin WI

Ohhhhh, it’s exquisite! I can’t believe it. It fits perfect too! I don’t know how to act because I’ve never had anything so lovely.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Susan, Sarasota FL

Double wow! The bracelet arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful! Its sentimental value is the only thing that could exceed the gorgeous design! Your work is just so wonderful. Hope to keep in touch and see you soon. Thank you again for sharing your talents with us!
— Julie and Kevin, Houston TX

Hello Melissa,
Simply had to write a thank you for your work on our ring recently. It came out beautifully. Your patience and craftsmanship are so appreciated. This ring will always mean so much to us, especially because the stones have a history. Love your store and can’t wait to work with you again. It’s so nice to find a jeweler who can be trusted, with your talent and warm spirit. Thanks for helping us make a dream come true.
— Diane and Jon, Chapel Hill NC

Hi Melissa,
I am still amazed at the new creations you fashioned using the gems from my unworn jewelry. Such creativity is truly a gift... and indeed you do have the gift. Thank you so much for working with me on the designs. My daughters wear their rings constantly and always tell me about the positive remarks they receive from friends and often strangers. The Tahitian pearls have never looked more beautiful than they do nestled in their lovely, original settings that do not disturb or overwhelm the beauty of the pearl... they enhance them. Whether using my ideas or your ideas or a combination of both, you have succeeded in building lovely realities from mere thoughts and suggestions... these pieces are certainly priceless sentimental treasures. Take care and I hope to be able to see you soon.
— Susan, Burlington NC

Hi Melissa,
The necklace arrived on Saturday and it is absolutely gorgeous and perfect... and it’s totally ‘me’. The stone looks gorgeous in the setting, I am thrilled. I really enjoyed working with you. Thanks for your creativity and skill
— Peggy, Centreville VA

Dear Melissa,
As the birth mother of my beautiful pearl pendant, I thought you would like to know that every time I wear this favorite piece of jewelry I get at least one comment from complete strangers. Add to that the people I know who think it’s the most elegant pearl setting they’ve ever seen. As an artist, you should be very proud.
— Sharon, Sebastian FL

Thanks so much for all your hard work and creativity in designing and making my new pendant. It’s my new favorite piece and I’ve received many wonderful complements. Now I’m dreaming of matching earrings!
— Pam, Raleigh NC

I can’t tell you how much I love, love, love my new earrings. Again, thank you for your exquisite work. I treasure everything I have that you’ve created. It all has a very good and loving home.
— Holly, Virginia Beach VA

I wanted you to know that my wife absolutely loved the black onyx and ruby suite! She wore it to work recently and received many compliments. The work is absolutely beautiful.
— Bill, Milwaukee WI

Dear Melissa,
Last summer you designed a ring for my husband and I would just like to thank you again. The ring is absolutely beautiful and it is so comfortable to wear! I love it! What a joy you were to work with and we couldn’t imagine working with anyone but you! Thank you!
— Pam, Salt Lake City UT

Hi Melissa,
First some impression at home with the new pieces of art and beauty. Opening up the boxes again in the light of the day and the light of the house, revealed even more beauty than before as the contrast of yellow and white gold came out. That really brought out the preciousness. Helga turned the lapis piece and realized the versatility of it. Seeing different angles of how to place the piece on a garment, finding the impact changing with the turning of the piece. All balanced. The ammonite piece is so different in it’s beauty and playfulness. We are so glad you made the pieces for us and both are eager to see them worn. Very good job, pieces of art.
— Julius and Helga, Burlington NC

Hey! I never got a chance to follow up and tell you how much my sister liked the blue topaz ring and necklace that you completed. It’s truly beautiful and she couldn’t keep her eyes off it all day. Thank you for such great work and for being so easy to work with!
— Mary, Hillsborough NC

Hi Melissa,
Just wanted to let you know that my wife continues to receive tons of accolades on your jewelry. It seems to have a halo effect on me because they all comment that I have such good taste!
— Stuart, Glendale NY

Hi Melissa,
I thought I would let you know how much I loved the piece my husband bought from you! It was the most wonderful Valentines Day gift, a surprise to me. Already my new piece is well traveled and much admired, she has been to Guernsey in the British Channel Islands and to Dubai and Fugheira in The United Arab Emirates. We are back in Florida now but we are off on trips again soon and my new piece will go too! As you can see my gift was a hit. Well done and best of luck to you.
— Priscilla, Mount Dora FL

I just received the opal slide! Wow, it’s beautiful! What a wonderful keepsake that has a lot of sentimental value. Thank you.
— Jane, Tarrytown NY

Hi, Melissa!
I wanted you to know that I love my ring! I look at it all the time! Thanks so much for getting this done for us. Happy New Year!
— Dail, Chapel Hill NC

I wanted to thank you for building the ring for me. She really loves the ring. I told her how we designed it and how it has her mothers ring stone. I think she was impressed with how much thought I put into it. Thanks again for all your hard work. I will be in touch about planning the next piece.
— Isaac, State College PA