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Emily Jennison

After attending college for a couple of years Emily Jennison was anxious to set up a studio for making utilitarian, stoneware pottery. She set up my own shop in Blanchardville, Wisconsin.

After a few years of making pottery, Jennison returned to school at the UW, with an eye set on teaching when she was done. She had started working at the Jewelers Workshop between classes and expanded her employment there after graduation. It was there that she met and worked with Melissa for several years.

In 2006, Jennison moved to PA and shortly thereafter got a part time job with a jeweler nearby. It was there that she first opened her own studio and started developing her own designs and selling them.

She recently retired from working for a store and is now enjoying the freedom of making her own designs. She particularly enjoys unique stones and likes to work as a stone suggests, rather than simply plugging a stone into an existing design.