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Jody Ochs

Jody Ochs, a Minnesota native, began creating and designing jewelry in 1994. Ochs started by wrapping raw gemstones in gold and silver wire, and then began to teach herself new skills and expand her design ideas. 

Jody credits her jewelry path to a synthesis of her life and inner spiritual journey. Growing up in the military service, Jody lived in many places, including Japan and Germany, and traveled most of Europe. The influences of these cultural experiences shine through Jody Ochs Design jewelry.

Jody eventually settled in the mountains of North Carolina, which gave way to a more intimate relationship with nature, allowing her to expand both her creativity and metal smith skills. For 20 years, she has specialized in hollow forming - taking flat metal and forming it into hollow forms that she incorporates into the pieces she makes. More recently, she expanded into working with gold and steel. She alloys her own colors in gold, then textures the steel, forms it, and with a torch, fuses the gold over the textured areas of the pieces.

Jody also teaches metal smithing and forming. Jody is available for private classes, helping budding new artists set up their new studios for function and safety, along with honing their skills. She is also available for larger venues and can be hired to come to Art Centers/schools or large jewelry studios to teach in a classroom setting.

After over 20 years in North Carolina, the travel bug from growing up in the military, kicked in again. Ochs purchased a Motor Coach, renovated the interior to include a studio and now travels as she works. For the first two years, this has been mostly up and down the east coast, spending most of the summer back in Minnesota, providing more time with her son and daughter-in-law. And FISHING!, a common interest with her son. So far, winters have been in Florida. She seeks new experiences, so has spent time on farms helping the owners with their chores, in exchange for a stationary site, which allows more time to work. A conservationist at heart, she is ecstatic about the coming 2019 winter, helping out on a Permaculture farm in Northeast Florida. Permaculture. For those that aren’t familiar, Permaculture is working with nature, rather than against it. Creating food landscapes rather than lawns, and using native plants that fit with the area. Look for Jody’s work to expand in the reflection nature!