Last Fridays Art Walk: Opening receptions 6 – 8pm.
Shows run through the following month until the next event.
August 25: Linda Azar

Transformation & Contrast “I have always been fascinated by the transformative relationship that exists between fire and metal, and the possibilities that unfold when they are brought together. I love the beauty that is created out of a process that can be messy, challenging, and at times a little dangerous. It is this blend of transformation and contrast that informs my approach to creating jewelry. I find inspiration in the mundane details I see in the world around me: a crack in the sidewalk, the way a particular branch springs forth from a tree, the unintended patterns created by erosion on a surface. I like to mix organic and architectural elements, smooth and deeply textured surfaces, light and dark finishes. I work primarily with silver and incorporate pearls and semi-precious stones to add contrast and an element of unpredictability. Linda’s past training in architecture influence her metal fabrication and design. She is a studio artist residing in Western North Carolina.

September 29:
Emily Claire – Fine Jewelry
  Emily Claire is interested in how jewelry becomes a part of our identity when worn on the body.  Her goal is to make pieces that are versatile and easy to wear every day, yet unique enough to feel elegant and special. Her current work explores texture and color juxtapositions.  She is particularly interesting in working with sterling silver and 22k gold bi-metal, a mill product that is silver on one side and gold on the other.  She uses this material to accent the sculptural quality of small, fabricated forms with flowing organic shapes and textures. Then subtly highlights those forms with lightly colored gemstones. Emily Claire recently relocated from Raleigh and now makes her home and studio in Charlotte.
    Show ends October 21st

October 27: Annual Sale Preview!
Annual Sale: October 27 – November 4
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Carolina Artisan Market: November 10 – 12
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